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A few words from the (very surprised, very happy) bride-to-be

October 26, 2005

A(nother) gift from Dave: "You are going to need these."

Needless to say, I was—and still am—fairly overwhelmed by the whole experience. I knew that Dave was working on something for me; initially he called it my “Birthday Present,” but when my birthday came and went, it morphed into being known as “The Project.” Thanks to Dave’s vigilance at maintaining the mystery, and a few ground rules (I was allowed to ask questions, but he wasn’t necessarily going to answer them; I was never allowed to look even in the direction of his computer screen), “The Project” remained a tightly-held secret. I had no idea he was creating a website.

I had my own (secret) hopes that “The Project” was a proposal, but Dave kept throwing me off the scent. But on “The Day” I did have a few positive clues: he’d asked me to dress up for an all-day extravaganza; he took me to the site of our first date (nostalgia—a good sign!); and, once there, he ate only about two bites of his meal. 

From there, everything became a bit of a whirlwind: the surprise of seeing our parents and my grandfather with the banner; hustling off to the church and not knowing what was next. As I went through the website, waves of various emotions coursed through me (shock, happiness, awe, nostalgia, gratitude)—resulting in me frequently requesting more tissue.  (Crying is not an unfamiliar activity for me—just ask Dave.)  I couldn’t quite take it all in, but as I was poring over the rap video/slide show/map/card section, it suddenly occurred to me that Dave must be waiting for me somewhere. I clicked on to the final page and found out where—and why. That’s when it all became crystal clear—“This is IT!,” I realized (perhaps somewhat delinquently—but hey, I was in an emotional haze).

I can’t remember exactly what we each said during the actual proposal; but I am very clear on how it felt and the intensity with which we were looking at and speaking to each other. I also remember that after answering with a whole-hearted “Yes!,” I wanted to kiss him, so I got down on my knees too—and then thought, “Is this strange that we’re both down here on our knees, kissing?!?”

At the risk of sounding too fairly-tale-ish, the rest of the day (at the beach) continued to feel magical. It was wonderful to have all that time to just be together, and talk about the day, our relationship, and our life together. And, of course, I had my turn: after he had worked so hard to ask me “the” question, I peppered him with lots and lots of questions: how did you do this, when were you doing that, etc. It was a perfect day—the best day of my life—and I did not want it to end.

If only I had the skills, I would create my own website: ElizabethLovesDave.com. But the operative words there are "if only." (I bought that domain name just in case, but don't waste your time visiting it any time soon.) Short of a full-blown website, suffice to say that I am very happy and grateful to get to spend the rest of my life with Dave.


  1. We are so happy for you both and look forward to meeting you Elizabeth.

    Love Peter and Janet Miller and Kids.

  2. Got a bit misty reading of your relationship and knowing God has brought you both to this place in time where your spirits will continue to grow and love will flourish.

    Much like you, He brought us together some 30 years and 4 children ago.

    We wish you both all the happiness that true love brings.

  3. A friend sent me the link to Dave's proposal page, and it totally made my day! I also LOVED that you posted a response here, and it's equally wonderful. :-)

    Somehow, this makes my want to give my own wonderful husband a big hug and kiss!!

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