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What people are saying about Dave's proposal

October 26, 2005

"It seemed kind of long...but maybe it was just me."
- Cliffs Notes

"Once in a lifetime a bachelor comes along that makes you glad you're still single. This is not that bachelor."
- Cosmopolitan
"Dave created this site? That's pretty good for someone whose lips move when he reads the comics."
- Dave's manager

Hey! This is your chance to be creative (and mock me). Please feel free to add another "quote" in the Comments.


  1. "Definitely the best proposal ever!"
    - Dave's Mom

  2. "Of all the proposals I have seen, this one is definitely the most recent." (Dr. Phil)

  3. "I laughed...I cried...I cried a lot!"
    - Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend

    P.S. Congrats you guys!

  4. Wow! It was worth the wait! I'm so happy for you two. :-) Now I'm alerting the press - this is NEWS!


  6. Dave and Elizabeth: Congratulations you two!! Ron and I are beaming for you. Dave...amazing proposal! Thanks for letting us in on your incredible love and creativity. This blog is permanantly bookmarked :)
    All the Best to you!! Love, Joan

    ps. we loved Hawaii. We'd love to share our photos that speak a thousand words.

  7. Seemed pretty expressive for a Presbyterian...but the blog sure beats a traditional wedding attendance logbook!

    As for the honeymoon,...what about BERKELEY? Maybe a side trip to Los Altos Country Club for goccer and cubing?

    Congratulations Elizabeth and Dave. We're elated.

  8. Dave and Elizabeth,
    We just had a wonderful time looking at the website. We have shared many grins and lots of laughter. We couldn't be happier for you. My recommendation on the honeymoon is to wait for a month or two after the wedding, then you will be rested up and REALLY enjoy it. Hawaii sounds like a good destination. Not so many tropical storms as the Caribbean. Best wishes and hope to see you soon!
    Beth and Bruce Lau

  9. Well, I'm not sure who is the most blessed person between the two of you, Dave for becoming engaged to Elizabeth or Elizabeth for becoming engaged to Dave. After much consideration I think it's both of you.

    My only concern is that we're going to have to do something about those socks Dave - you know the ones that roll up and down when you're watching a movie. Elizabeth, maybe we should get him a new pair.

    I'm couldn't be happier for the two of you.... !

    :) X 10,
    Brother Pat

  10. Dave,
    This was forwarded to us. Our boys (8 and 10) wanted to see the video rap over and over and over again! We've heard them say they're "chillin like Bob Dillon" a few times too many. Very creative. Lots of people will ask you re. "the proposal story" over the years, and you have a winner. We're happy for you!

  11. Dave - Congrats! I did an background search of the Elizabeth person mentioned in the story. It seems as though she really does exist. (We all remember the davelovescheryltiegs.com website in 11th grade).

    I'll wait for the podcast to be posted before commenting further.

  12. Thanks for sharing your joy with the rest of us out in the world (wide web). For those of us who love techie guys, it really brought lots of smiles to my face. =) Have a wonderful wedding, honeymoon, and life together.

  13. I cried and I'm a guy.

    No, you don't know me but you seem like the kind of people that I would really like. God bless you! Have fun!

  14. Dave, really well done site -- excellent work! I love seeing such creative approaches to proposals... very romantic and fun!

    P.S. You caught yourself a very beautiful woman, congrats! :-)

  15. Dave,it was so delightful to see pictures of you and your lovely finance. It's been a LONG time since Donna had you in her Sunday School class. Even then, you were smart, handsome, creative, displaying serious moments interspersed with witty humor. You were such a nice kid...in the process of building a firm foundation for your life. This good news has been worth waiting for. Involving your parents was such a loving touch. You and Elizabeth have our prayers for continuing happiness. We have been married almost 62 years now and we challenge you to try to catch us.

  16. That is the sweetest thing almost as good as mine. Good luck. The best honeymoon has to be the Disney Cruise!!!!

  17. Forget “You’ve Got Mail,” this is the real deal: guy meets girl, proposes via the web. Perfect. I’ll be in touch for a movie deal soon.

  18. I'm there!

  19. Beautiful! Just beautiful! You reached more people with your proposal than I did with mine! I'm jealous!

    The Lord bless you and keep you,
    The Lord make His face shine upon you
    And give you peace now and forevermore!

    Need a candlelighter?

  20. Saw the article in the SJ Mercury Newspaper today so thought I would check the site. It had me crying . . . it was SO beautiful. You both seem like fabulous people that are truly in love. Congratulation on the big day !

  21. Congrats - After seeing your article in the Merc and reviewing the fun site - I advise Tahiti where my wife and I went for our honeymoon 4 years ago. Very little web presence there :-)
    - Bora Bora especially great. - We liked this spot a lot. Bora Bora Lagoon Resort& Spa on it's own Motu. We did 11 nights in all.Avoid the Main town Paipetti if possible. Moorea also worth 3-4 nights. Hawaii is too much like California. Enjoy!

  22. My husband Paul and I will be celebrating our 27th anniversary next month, Dec. 11th.

    We went to Hawaii for 2 weeks on our Honeymoon, (Maui and Kuai)

    We raised 2 daughters, ages 24 and 20

    We are very much in love, and have a wonderful marriage. (it keeps getting richer and richer)!

    Your proposal touched my heart.

    2 Marriage tips:
    1)(for Dave): never ask a woman why she has so many shoes
    2)(for Elizabeth): The remote control is a guy thing, get over it!

  23. A friend sent this site to me. It made me want to share it with everyone I know. You sound like a wonderful couple and I know you'll live happily ever after!

  24. What a fantastic job you did with the web site! And what a nice couple you make. Quite a beautiful woman you've found also!

    Best wishes for you and may you live out all God's wonderful blessings and plans together!

  25. hey, dave ...
    anyone like you at home?

    you've not only spoiled elizabeth,
    but set an olympic height bar for
    future marriage proposals.

    she got the gold, for sure.

    congrats to you both.

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