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Where should we go on our honeymoon?

October 26, 2005


Elizabeth and I have talked about:

  • Hawaii
  • Caribbean
  • Tahiti

Elizabeth would prefer a location that has no web access.

If you have a honeymoon recommendation, would you be willing to write it in the “Comments” below? Thank you.


  1. I really like that airplane and the logo.

    I've always been partial to New Zealand, but it's a big place and there's a lot of driving involved, and I know how much you like long driving trips on an island. ;-)

  2. Definitely the most original and creative proposal I know in my entire life! Hope you have money left for the honeymoon. :-)

  3. Most of my East coast friends honeymooned in Carribean -- kinda' Hawaii for East coasters! Cool Carribean culture, but it's not purely USA(English/French povincial roots). Carribean music is delightful.

    Hawaii: Easiest to get to.

    Tahiti, since I was just there in July, is South Pacific meets France. People speak mostly French and local Polynesian. Bora Bora(honeymooners mostly, right Stuart?) is supposed to be very, very expensive. In general I would assume Tahiti the most $$ of all three. The islands are profoundly beautiful and I found the locals warm and friendly. Of coarse I speak French, play vollyball, and am a fish in the water. Outside the tourist stuff it's kinda third world, reminds me of Jamaica like that... most exotic of three.

  4. Forget Hawaii, Tahiti and Caribean! Go to Europe. In the swiss alps you're sure to lose web-access. And it's very romantic too.

  5. I think the most beautiful spot in the whole wide world is the Kapalua Bay Hotel on Maui. I also took my family there a few years ago, and everybody loved it. Recommended for your honeymoon consideration.

  6. Congrats first of all. Dave's definitely innovative!

    I'd highly suggest Quebec City. It has the European flavor, yet a short plane ride and best of all, relatively minor jetlag even for you West Coasters.

  7. For honeymoon spots...check with Tbone and Stacey...they will tell you everything you need to know. Jumbo Bay to Bora Bora :)

    Congratulations Dave and Elizabeth...Tbone told me about the site and what a great story. It is shows that good things happen to Raider fans in 49er territory.

    God Bless


  8. I say go to Tahiti. It's unbelievable from the pictures I have seen, and your honeymoon should be unbelievable. We spent ours in SE Asia - and it was amazing. Congrats!

  9. I second the New Zealand vote. There is something there for everyone, it's beautiful, the people are very nice, and you really can get away from it all.

  10. I suggest a tour of Scotland. Your "queen" deserves a castle.

  11. For (almost) total seclusion check out the villas at Bluefields Bay Jamaica. www.bluefieldsvillas.com. Great staff, food. Spent my honeymoon there 8 years ago and have been back many times since. Congrats!

  12. Maldives!!! Most definitely the Maldives....Check out oneandonlyresorts.com and go to Reethi Rah. My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon there and had an amazing time.

  13. I think you should consider Costa Rica -- I can recommend a bunch of nice places. Congrats!

  14. Does it really matter? Anywhere you go will be a honeymoon :)

    We went to Kona Village in Hawaii--no phones/no internet/no tv...


  15. Congratulations!

    Take her on a tour of international Apple stores! London, Tokyo, Toronto, Burlingame.

  16. You must look at these, you'll love them.


  17. Congrats, we've been waiting to hear the outcome of this love story for quite some time.

    As far as the honeymoon, my wife and I went to Hawaii, I highly reccomend it. Romantic and surreal. Go to the south shore of the big island of Hawaii for a little bit, Kona is beautiful and close to the active volcano which you can go visit (stop and get some wine from the volcano winery). It's also home to the Mona Loa macadamia nut factory...another great little day trip. We spent a week in Kona, it was glorious, we then went to Oahu, we weren't as happy there. Oahu is beautiful, and Pearl Harbour is a must experience moment in life, but the island is more about tourism and less about romance. We did visit the Dole plantation and a few other sites, but I reccomend Maui as another user mentioned it is literally heaven on earth.

  18. Take her to Tuscany, Italy for your honeymoon. You both will love it and it's so romantic. My husband and I have been to Italy numerous times and we still get overwhelmed with the beauty and how wonderful the people are.
    Have fun,

  19. Congras! Even as a stranger I am so happy for you lovebirds!
    Definitely Hawaii. I got married there, unplanned - prolly because of the romantic atmosphere!

  20. Congratulations Dave and Elizabeth! As for honeymoon destinations, I second New Zealand. However, you might also want to consider Europe - which I thought was wonderful. Get yourself a suite in a castle, and treat each other as royalty...

  21. Definitely Tahiti

  22. Kauai!!

  23. We honeymooned in South Africa - 9 days in Cape Town, a couple of days on a game reserve, and then another week or so driving along the Garden Route to Durban - and it was amazing!

    Initially we said we wanted to honeymoon somewhere we'd never have an excuse to go at any other time ... but now we're already talking about going back!

  24. I am blown away by your helpful recommendations. Thank you. (Although you are making it very difficult to pick just one!)

    Here are two sites that list popular—albeit extravagant—honeymoon destinations (as if I needed more options):



  25. Dave...

    Take Elizabeth to the most romantic spot on the planet, the City of Lights, Paris. What could be better than strolling down the Champs Elsees hand in hand, kissing under the gaze of the Mona Lisa, overlooking the Paris skyline from atop the Eiffel tower, etc...

    Good Luck!

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