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The wedding

March 22, 2006

Newly wedded at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

From my (misty-eyed) perspective, the wedding could not have been better.

Beforehand, I had worried about how I could keep a smile plastered on my face during the ceremony and photo session. (I'm not good at generating camera-ready smiles.) It wasn't a problem. I became so caught up in the experience that I wasn't worried about anything. When the organ began playing the "Wedding March" and I saw Elizabeth for the first time in her gown, I was overwhelmed with joy. She looked so beautiful that I began crying with thankfulness. And I was crying hard. (But I didn't wipe my eyes, trying to avoid drawing attention to the tears)(although I was told afterwards that it was obvious).

Here are the wedding photos (more than anyone—except my mom—would ever want to see).

Thanks to Collin Lim for taking the photos.


  1. Congratulations Dave and Elizabeth and thanks so much for sharing the photos of your special day with us. I particularly loved the photo of the two of you alone in the church kissing on the steps. You are an amazing couple and I wish you many, many years of love and happiness together.

  2. Great idea that is very well executed. Congrats!!

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