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First comes love, then comes marriage...

March 10, 2007

Dave frantically prepares for an offline responsibility
Dave frantically prepares for an offline responsibility

Elizabeth is pregnant! She's having a girl around April 1st (this is no joke). (Her belly has grown considerably since the above photo.) I suggested to Elizabeth that we ask the readers of this blog to vote on names and that we go with the peoples' choice. Unfortunately Elizabeth doesn't have as much faith in the wisdom of crowds as I do, so she didn't feel comfortable with that strategy.


  1. Congratulations!!! What a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents. I've been following you and Elizabeth's story since you proposed and couldn't be more thrilled for the two of you.

  2. If it's a boy please call him Marc; name her Jedidja if it's a girl. Those are my children's name. They always behaved and never came home late. Give it a try. This strategy will work.

  3. Dave, I see those three dots behind the word marriage... I try to figure out what that means. Please give us an explanation. I'm afraid also that you picked up too many offline responsibilities. The gap between August 3 and March 10 ain't easy to handle for all who admired you, once you were single. Emotional unavailability is for us readers also hard to cope. We want that commitment you once had back, son. Since I don't belong to the crowds, my wisdom must be reckoned with, I suppose! Don't you agree?

  4. Bert, your comments made me laugh. Yes, I guess it's true that as I became more emotionally available to Elizabeth, I became less available to the blogosphere.

    I think you were joking about not knowing what the title meant ("First comes loves, then comes marriage..."), but in case anyone doesn't know the jump rope rhyme from grade school (it's popular here in the US, anyway), here it is:

    Elizabeth and Dave
    Sitting in a tree
    First comes love
    Then comes marriage
    Then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

  5. Wow! Can't wait to see the baby pictures! You sure will have a great website to show her/him one day!

  6. Love your web site. You two make a wonderful couple. Congratulations! A new baby. Don't worry,parenting won't be so bad.You'll have a whole two years till he/she turns into a brat and then the teenage years! Lol. Just kidding! You two will be wonderful parents and your bundle of joy will be very beautiful and HEALTY! Can't wait to see pics. Take care!

  7. This was so amazing I found this story on the aol news website and I was like awe!!. I hope I find the right girl one day to have the oppurtunity to do something so amazing as that. The website is funny it was like a story book I felt like I was watching Shrek lol.

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